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Based on the workshops and classes facilitated by Sharon McGregor (, we are excited to present this mediumship development group based on Sharon’s effective methods of “learning by doing”.

Practicing mediumship in safe groups of like-minded people is a very powerful way to develop your mediumship abilities and realize the benefits of sharing your experiences with others. Together we will explore and practice methods of connecting with spirit and extending our psychic awareness to assist in this goal.

These classes offer hands on practice and group discussions that will help you develop your innate mediumship abilities. In each class you will learn how to create a sacred space of protection, practice connecting with your “clair” senses and discuss symbols and their relevance to your readings.

If you are just beginning this journey, you will have the opportunity to learn from the more advanced group members and gain first-hand experience in giving and receiving readings and messages. If you are in the more advanced stages of your mediumship, this group will provide you with the opportunity to practice your readings and strengthen your abilities, while helping those around you and gaining perspective from their journey.

These classes are about taking action by growing and developing the medium in you.


Tas Kaba –



Apr 16 2019


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm



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120 Newkirk Road, Unit 12, Richmond Hill